Association of the
Friends of Ifakara
Parish Partnership


Help towards Self-Help – a Tyrolese Project in Central Africa

The Association of the Friends of Ifakara – Parish Partnership is trying to build up a genuine partnership between the Seelsorgeräume Zams – Zammerberg – Schönwies and Pius – Neu Rum – Rum and the parish of Ifakara. We want to assist people experiencing concretely how our faith makes us brothers and sisters across continents and fostering personal contacts.

This parntership should be profitable to both sides. We catholics living in Tyrolese parishes, have much to gain by learning from the priceless value of the vivid and merry way of which Ifakareans live their church-services. On the other side our assiciation may assist training young Ifakareans by taking over a good part of the wages of cathechets, thus helping to finance improvening the infrastructure or assisting without much redtape in individual cases of need – always in close cooperation with those locally responsible.

The project was started at Ifakara in the South East of Tansinia in 1953 by Swiss Capuchins along with Dr. Karl Schöpf of Zams has been taken over by two associations.

Parish Partnership: Next to the idea of a living partnrship with the parish of St. Andrew´s, Ifakara, the main accent of our engagement will be our assistance to improve the education, to fight poverty and to help assisting extant resources ar Ifakara. more >>

Hospital Partnership: The "Association of the Friends of Ifakara – Hospital Partnership" centeres its activities in supporting this St. Francis Designated District Hospital at Ifakara more >>

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Ifakara mit der Pfarre St. Andrew und dem St. Francis Hospital liegt 420 km südwestlich von Dar es Salaam entfernt im Landesinneren.


Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Oberland
A-6511 Zams
Empfänger: Pfarrpartnerschaft Ifakara
IBAN Code: AT55 3699 0000 0553 2049